Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Mutual Fund?
A Mutual Fund is a vehicle that allows individual investors to be part of a pool of investment, taking profit of the transaction volume of the Fund and the management of this by specialists. Mutual Funds are managed by experts in the field, who take daily purchase-sale decisions about the securities according to the statutory guidelines and the objectives of the Fund.
What is the advantage of investing in an offshore mutual Fund?
The main appeal of investing in an offshore Fund is the tax benefits of this type of companies, which allow investors to obtain greater profits for their investments, compared to a non offshore Fund.
What is the minimum initial investment?
The minimum initial investment in the Fund is US$ 50.000,00
What are the charges for the purchase of shares?
It will depend on the amount of the initial investment. But in any case, it will not exceed 2% of the total amount.
Is there any additional fee or charge for entering the Fund besides the initial charge?
No. You won't have to pay any other additional fee or charge for the purchase of your Fund shares.
How do I purchase a portfolio?
You should apply online Portfolio Application, and by filling in the required data, one of our executives will contact you once verified your identity, nationality and place of residence, and he will send you by e-mail the access password to the online application forms. You should fill in the application forms and send them together with your valid passport. Or you may contact us by phone or by e-mail.
How do I transfer money to my portfolio?
Transfer instructions will be given to you once the purchase of your portfolio in EGIF is authorized.
Can I purchase more than one portfolio?
Yes. You can purchase more than one portfolio if you do require so, with previous authorization from the Fund and once your case is evaluated.
When do I receive my account statements?
Account statements will be issued quarterly. You may, however, look up your account whenever you want with your access password.
Can I purchase a corporate portfolio?
Yes. You can purchase corporate portfolios. The requested documents for corporations are essential for the process of purchase. If you have any question Contact Us.
What is the Net Present Value (NPV)?
The Net Present Value (NPV) is the price of the Fund shares for their redemption. For Eagle Global Investment Fund, it is calculated on the last business day of each month in US dollars.
Where can I transfer money to, from my portfolio in the EGIF?
The standard is that the money transferred from the EGIF must be deposited only in an account with the name of the portfolio's holder.
Can I invest in the Fund if I am a citizen of the United States of America?
NO. If you are a citizen or resident of the United States of America or a company in the United States, you could not invest directly or indirectly in EGIF shares.
Are any other citizens of other countries restricted from investing in the EGIF?
Other restrictions applied, please contact us for details. Contact Us.
Can I transfer money to the Fund once I have purchased my portfolio?
Yes. At any moment, you could make additional subscriptions with a minimum of US$ 10.000,00.
Where do I receive my profits?
The profits will be deposited at any place that you decide in any part of the world, provided that the destination account is under the name of the portfolio's holder.
Can the Fund provide me with a regular income?
That is our main objective, and depending on your income requirements, these will be quarterly, half-yearly, or annually deposited, according to your instructions.
Can I check my account through Internet?
The EGIF, through its Web Page, gives you all the necessary information to keep you up dated on your investment.
Is it possible to apply for a portfolio through the Web Page?
You can apply for portfolios through our page Portfolio Application and ask our executives all the information that you may need.
Can I transfer my EGIF shares to a third person?
No. Because it is an Open-End Fund, you should sell your shares at the moment of their redemption to Eagle Global Investment Fund. The EGIF is the only one authorized to transfer shares.