Our Philosophy, Our Clients
Our Philosophy
Our philosophy on investments is based on two fundamental aspects, the maintenance of the principal and the attainment of a suitable periodic profitability for our clients that will represent a constant income for their investments.
Your investment working for you
Once your portfolio has been purchased, you could lie back and relax knowing that your investment is safe, in good hands, and working for you. The EGIF will invest in a great variety of investments instruments, such as Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, etc., all in US dollars or other currencies.
Who are our clients?
  • People who require periodic and regular incomes.
  • People who do not wish great mobility of their principals.
  • People who wish to obtain the highest possible profitability out of their professionally managed investments.
  • Investors looking for backing and soundness of prestigious European Financial Institutions.
  • People interested and knowledgeable about Offshore Mutual Fund Investments.