Fund Features
Risk Management
The investment strategy of the Fund adviser is focused in decreasing the risk to the lowest level. Leverage is not used in the investments and risk-cover techniques can be adopted.
Minimum subscription amount
The minimum initial amount for an EGIF share subscription is US$50.000 and additional investments can be made starting from US$10.000.
Placement fee
It shall not exceed 2% of the purchase price of the shares. Said amount will be the profit of the placement agent.
Management fee
The Fund adviser will receive an annual fee of 1% of the Net Present Value per Fund share, payable quarterly at 0.25% each.
Incentive fee
The Fund will pay the adviser an annual incentive fee of 20% over the increase of the Net Present Value of the Fund shares, if any.
Redemptions are restricted for the first six months of the share subscriptions. And this is subject to the notification by the investor 30 days prior to the maturity date. The shares will be redeemed at the price shown by the Net Present Value.
Dividend Policy
In accordance with the objective of EGIF of appreciating the principal, the Fund has the policy of reinvesting the dividends and any other income.
Risk Factors
The Fund focuses in the policy of maintaining the principal, the market and the economic risks, etc. These definitions are extensively explained in the Explanatory Memorandum.
Conflict of interest
Current and potential conflict of interest that may occur between the structure and the management of the Fund are described in the Explanatory Memorandum
Suitability for Investor
The shares of this Fund should be acquired by sophisticated investors that perfectly understand the concept of investment in equity market instruments. It is advisable to get expert guidance in order to evaluate your investments objectives and personal interest prior to purchasing Fund shares.
The Fund ends each financial year on December 31st. An audited report will be submitted every year and it will be available to the shareholders of the Fund.
Tax Considerations
The investors are obliged to look after the tax considerations over the profits generated in the EGIF. The Fund is not to be held responsible for the non observance of the tax obligations of its clients in their own countries of residence.
Business Day
For the Fund, business days will be those in which the Federal Reserve of the United States of America is opened for business.
U.S. Person
The concept of an U.S. Person is defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
Non U.S. Person
The concept of a Non U.S. Person is defined in Rule 4.7 under the Commodity Exchange Act
EGF Investment Services acts as an administrator and as a Fund transfer agent.
Fund Adviser
EGF Investment Services acts as a Fund Adviser.
Custody Bank
IBI Bank, a Swiss bank of recognized tradition and prestige serves as custody for the securities of the Fund.
Freeman Buczyner & Gero
Legal Aspects
Truman Bodden & Company

This information does not substitute the necessary and careful reading that the investor must do of the Explanatory Memorandum.